AAHA Accreditation – Wilmington Animal Healthcare

AAHA Accreditation

What does AAHA accreditation mean for me and my pet? The American Animal Hospital Association accreditation is a process that holds veterinary hospitals to the highest standards of care in all areas evaluated. Offical AAHA accreditors regularly visit accredited hospitals to ensure that the standards for both the physical facility and patient care remain within AAHA regulations.

Here are a few examples of how AAHA standards impact you and your pet:

  • Hold hospitals to standards of diagnostic services for quickest, most accurate diagnosis of your pet
  • Standard focus on quality of care in areas of
    • Anesthesia
    • Contagious disease
    • Dentistry
    • Pain management
    • Patient care
    • Surgery
    • Emergency care
  • Provision of an onsite pharmacy so treatment can begin as soon as possible
  • Hospital is held to standards of medical keeping, ensuring medical records are both through and complete. Excellent medical records provide the best past and present understanding of your pet’s medical condition and the best foundation for future care and diagnosis.