Making your dog comfortable is our pleasure. Your boarding pet enjoys our beautiful, well-lit, temperature controlled environment. The design of our boarding facility allows for plenty of natural, filtered light, as well as optimum sound control providing a more relaxed atmosphere.

You may choose from back lit doggie condos that feature local photography for smaller dogs, our standard runs that open above to a celestory feature, or one of our luxury boarding rooms that provide more space for your dogs stay. The luxury rooms include a dog sofa (made by Kuranda) and a 24" HD LED TV that features dog friendly entertainment (Blue Planet, Marmaduke, etc..) via our Blu-Ray Player. We often walk by the luxury rooms to see our dogs lounging on their couch looking up at the television screen.

The heating and cooling system for the boarding area features an Energy Recovery Ventilation system. This system ensures a constant supply of 100% outside air, allowing for complete turn over of the air in the kennel twelve times every hour. This feature greatly reduces the risk of airborne infectious disease, as well as keeps the environment fresh and comfortable.

You may choose from several TLC options for your dog while they are in our care. From extra walks, Kong Comfort time, or participation in Doggie Daycare. We also offer the convenience of Saturday and Sunday pick up at two designated times, people coming back from vacation can get their pets back with the family as soon as possible. Boarding is a service that is reserved for our clients that use our hospital for their pet's medical and surgical needs. Becoming a client is as simple as having your pet examined by a Veterinarian at Wilmington Animal Healthcare.