Doggie Daycare (DDC)

Boredom is a problem for dogs, especially young or very active dogs. Inactivity can lead to destructive behaviors, decreased compliance when training and more frustration for dogs and their family.  We all lead very busy lives and our dogs young and old do not get the socialization and exercise that they need and crave. Doggie Daycare helps keep your dog entertained while you are out running errands or working. It is great to get a very active dog back at the end of a long day of work who is as worn out as you are. Doggie Daycare allows you to spend some affectionate down time with your furry friend at the end of the day rather than have to worry about coming home to a bundle of energy that has been cooped up all day and is ready to ROLL when you are ready to rest.

Even older dogs enjoy DDC, as activity helps with weight control and some low impact activity (as opposed to laying around all day) helps keep older joints mobile. Older dogs love the socialization and mental stimulation of interaction with other people and dogs as well. Daycare play groups are mixed (different sized dogs and different ages) and are supervised at all times. This allows puppies to learn manners from well behaved older dogs.

Our participants in DDC have to complete a behavioral questionnaire and be approved to participate (only good group players allowed). Doggie Daycare players play both indoors and out. Our temperature controlled indoor playroom is great during inclement weather or during the hot summer months and cold winter months. Our outdoor play yard features Ultimate K-9 ® Turf. This is an artificial turf that is made from recycled materials and can be disinfected. The turf also helps keep your pet clean (no dirt or sand involved). We have a misting system to help decrease the temperature in the outdoor yard, 2 doggie pools, play hoses and sprinklers(operated by our staff), as well as shaded areas for play.

We have a responsible, interactive staff who enjoy your furry friend and will often tell stories about funny things they did that day when you come to pick them up! Doggie Daycare is a service that is reserved for our clients that use our hospital for their pet's medical and surgical needs. Ask a staff member about joining our Frequent Player Club!

Please open the link below if you are interested in enrolling your dog in daycare and bring the completed questionnaire to our hospital.

If you have been approved for daycare simply fill out the participation agreement form located below and bring with you on your dog's first day of daycare!