Dental Services

Regular dental care is essential to maintaining good general health. Dental tarter harbors bacteria that can lead to infection at distant sites in the body like the heart, liver and kidneys. Chronic dental disease is one likely cause of the development of chronic kidney disease in aging pets. There are numerous studies in human medicine and dentistry linking regular oral care and daily flossing with longevity. Similarly, The America Veterinary Medical Association states that regular oral care including regular professional dental cleanings can add 2-3 years to your pets life.

What can you do for your pet’s oral care?
  • Brush your pet’s teeth daily to every other day with appropriate enzymatic toothpaste
  • Provide appropriate items to chew on; CET Chews
  • Some pet foods are formulated to help minimize tarter accumulation
  • Present your pet for regular examinations
What Wilmington Animal Healthcare can do for your pet’s oral care?
  • Professionally evaluate, scale and polish your pets teeth (just as your dentist and hygienist does for you)
  • Evaluate for the presence of periodontal disease ( disease of the gums, supporting bone and tooth roots) and provide treatment options
  • Extract teeth that are a source of pain or infection

Digital dental radiographs

We are able to evaluate your pet’s tooth roots within minutes with our high quality digital dental x-ray equipment. This helps us to access further for the presence of periodontal disease. Radiographs provide visualization of structures that cannot be seen below the gum line. Lesions can be found on x-rays that are often a source of pain or infection that would otherwise go undetected.